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Sayuri’s passion is to promote health and wellbeing using multiple techniques and therapies but especially with massage. She started to give massage in her early childhood for her mother and witnessed the benefit of home-base massage first-hand as one of her own wondrous early experiences.

Sayuri completed a BEd in Japan and became a full-time teacher at a Japanese primary school in Hong Kong for three years. Living an exciting life in Hong Kong opened her eyes to the fascinating Asian countries and then she travelled in South-East Asia for nearly 2 years. During the travelling she found herself enjoying taking courses and learning something new and attractive for her growth including various forms of meditations such as Christian meditation, breathing exercise, and all different styles of massage such as Chinese massage (in Malaysia), Shiatsu (in India), Thai traditional massage and Pregnancy massage (in Thailand).

Later in the UK she continued her educational carrier expanding from primary and secondary school to universities and adult life-long learning for many years. Her educational skills and enthusiasm were also used for ‘home education’ given to her three children. However, when she experienced a personal tragedy, stress and despair in her life and noticed it in the lives of people around her, she realised how important health and wellbeing is to all of us. She experienced the benefit of massage not only for physical but also emotional and mental wellbeing, which inspired her to obtain British certificate for a clinical aromatherapist from FdSc Complementary Healthcare as well as many other massage therapy certifications such as Trigger Point Therapy and myofascial release. It was a surprising discovery for her that how her clients changed after her massage treatments manifesting in their refreshed and relaxed spirits as well as physical and mental improvements. These experiences inspired her to take another degree in BSc Health and Wellbeing. She has become a health promoter and has written and delivered a number of wellbeing courses in various charities and community centres.

With all these experiences including her dissertation, she became even more motivated to promote health by massage intervention. This led her to take a further course of MSc Health Psychology which equipped her to continue massage research for wellbeing. She enjoys a current position both as a clinical aromatherapist/health promoter in a physiotherapy practice and a visiting researcher at Northumbria University, and her passion is still growing. Her current research focus is the benefit of home-base Positive Massage on maintaining or improving wellbeing among couples. She believes ‘selves-care’ is going to be an important key factor for health and wellbeing for everyone but especially in relational wellbeing in close relationships.

Sayuri is currently undertaking the Positive Massage Research project with Dr Mark Moss. She is blessed to have three beautiful gifted daughters and a very supportive husband. She enjoys traveling, reading and nature.


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Sayuri M Naruse