Academic Publications

So far, Sayuri and her support colleagues have published four peer-reviewed articles:

  • "‘To give is better than to receive’ - Couples massage significantly benefits both partners’ wellbeing”,Journal of Health Psychology (SAGE)(2018), link
  • “Effects of Couples Positive Massage Programme on Wellbeing, Perceived Stress and Coping, and Relation Satisfaction”, Health Psychology and Behavioral Medicine (2019), link
  • “Positive Massage for Couples’ Wellbeing and Relationships: The Bridge between Positive Psychology and Massage”, Health (2019), link
  • “Positive Massage: An Intervention for Couples’ Wellbeing in a Touch-Deprived Era, European Journal of Investigation in Health, Psychology and Education (2021), link

One of the important messages of the articles is that we should promote 'selves-care'. This is a new term Sayuri has coined, referring to behaviours that care for your loved one and yourself simultaneously.

The Positive Massage Technique