The PositiveMassage Programme

The Positive Massage Programme Explained

The Positive Massage Programme

The current research project consists of 3 weekly classes for couples to learn 15 minutes massage each week.

• Wk1 back massage sitting on a chair (12 steps and 11 components)

• Wk2 neck, shoulder, and arm massage sitting on a chair (11 steps and 9 new components)

• Wk3 back, neck, shoulder, arm and face massage sitting on a floor (17 steps and 5 new components)


Participants of research with Positive Massage Programme (N=34) experienced benefits including:

Physical wellbeing: chronic tension relief, beneficial for headaches, neck tension, shoulder aches, and night sleep.

Mental wellbeing: helps not to worry, increase clarity, release emotional stress, lift the mood, provide calmness, comfort, relaxation, and pleasure.

Relational wellbeing: deeper connection emotionally and spiritually, feeling in touch with each other’s mood, and better communication.

Positive Massage provided couples the selves-care skill, the mutual support techniques that can relax each other via quality time with pleasurable touch.